Risk of small business loan
Risk of small business loan

Don't risk the family business.

There is no need to risk losing the family business because your bank has grown tired of you. With rising interest rates it pays to shop around for a better deal on your small business loan.

Customer Loyalty and goodwill

Small business finances can sometimes suffer by staying with their existing bank through tough times and may eat away most of the original goodwill. Think of lenders with expiry dates. Have a good relationship with one and then move on before it sours completely. This does not mean change your current small business debt for the sake of change.

Borrow Better and reduce your small busines debt quicker

It pays to review and renew your loan performance on a regular basis not just when the business is in trouble. Check out fresh small business lenders to see which ones offer the best loan for you. Over-patronising one bank can damage your small business finances from over use. Revisit your small business needs, cashflow and forecasts to establish if your current loan is still suitable.

Small business borrowing Independent of bank commission

GBAC small business debt consultants are not paid by the bank like brokers are to deliver you to them for bank profits. GBAC combines its own 4th gen. small business experience, accounting, tax and economics qualifications with a passion of fairness for small business owners.

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