Businesses suffer through bank branch closures
Businesses suffer through bank branch closures

Bank branch closures deprive bank customers of Benefits.

CBA makes $833 million a month, $10 billion a year, 10,000 times what it made in 1987 before our politicians firstly deregulated banks and secondly sold off the honest government owned banks to eliminate competition. Business owners, city or country need bankers to whom they can chat about financial matters and receive helpful information. It does not matter whether they need to discuss an overdraft, term loan, savings account or term deposit. The phone service often means talking to a computer bot or a person whose accent cannot be understood because they are in some other country Meanwhile: banks close their branches and ATMs to make more profit  AND Their multi-millionaire CEOs tell us that mortgage stress is causing borrowers to fall behind

Bankers control government

Banks can do what they choose including closing bank branches and reducing its services to bank customers A government regulation prevents me  or my bank loan consultant firm GBAC from helping home-buyers in trouble with their mortgages as I have done for farmers and businesses for decades. All over Australia GBAC delivers big financial gains to borrowers at farm debt mediation, business debt mediation, refinance. In negotiations it delivers substantial debt write-offs. Why do politicians prevent us from helping home buyers? Bankers control government because political parties and politicians need bank loans to buy homes, negatively geared investment properties and to fund election campaigns etc. MPs however, usually earn enough to avoid loan problems like foreclosure with overdue bank loans. How do we stop our Members of Parliament selling us out to dishonest banks? It is not that the politicians are dishonest too. It is just that they need money like the rest of us. Banks hold them to ransom!

Stop financial abuse of borrowers and bank branch closures

You can help stop this financial abuse of borrowers from ending in foreclosure and forced home sales:
  1. Go to and briefly tell Bankwatch about your mortgage stress. Most mortgage stress is caused by the bank, not the borrower, so don’t think it is your fault.
  2. Join Voters Network. It is free and it gives you enormous power and influence to protect yourself and your family from abuse or neglect by banks or governments.
When we Australian voters work together with our elected Members of Parliament we create a far better society. Politicians are just ordinary Australians trying to do a very difficult job of pleasing 27 million Australians. They can really only please those who get alongside them, tell them what should be done and explain why it should be done.

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