Disaster stalks society
Disaster stalks society

Inflation and recession

Australia is walking a thin line between dangerous inflation with massive price hikes and dangerous recession with massive unemployment. Government services are already grossly inadequate for our exploding population and voters are suffering. Violent crime and murder threaten our lives. Regulators conspire with corporate crooks and businesses. Companies are failing and cutting staff. Banks cheat customers. Those who use banking services are suffering at least as much as others.

GBAC handles immediate issue like obtaining farm and business loans or sorting out banking disputes for customers, but government plays a big role in allowing and protecting bank abuse of customers.

Driving democratic government

We are not ruled by a ruthless dictator but it could happen as it did in Germany. The people rule in Australia! They drive government via our elected parliament. Australia has a Voters Network, free of party politics, that gives enormous power to every individual Australian, young, middle-aged or old, who want to help drive government to do what they think is good and fair for them and our society. It has done so for 37 years. If you wonder why government is not doing what you want, chances are you have not joined Voters Network and told parliament what you want and why. Bullies & bribers greedy and dishonest Our Government is not really driven just by political parties. Greedy ruthless dishonest wealth-seekers bully and bribe our politicians to get a bigger share of our national wealth. We voters all need to stand beside our MPs, support and guide them to do what WE need and Australia needs, instead. When we all share the time, effort and costs, they are tiny.

For the price of a cup of coffee

If each person involved contributed as much time and money as they might on a weekly cup of coffee, Australia would be a far better place for everyone. Get involved and improve your life as well as Australia’s Democracy is about control of government for voters via the Parliament of politicians who are far, far better than the media will ever let you believe. As a voter you too can and are entitled to, guide government to do what YOU want via our parliament. Australia needs your input for good government. The best way for you to do your bit for Australia is to join Voters Network free and help campaign for what you see as needed.